We, at Det Visionære Køkken, have been enjoying the benefits of a juicer for some time now, but somehow never got around to sharing our experiences. Perhaps it’s just because all the juice is gone before we manage to take any pictures 🙂 So, at our latest volunteer dinner we prepared a red and green juice consisting 100% of the fresh ingredients we had at the kitchen.

For the red juice we used beets, apples and chilli. Add as many or little of each ingredient as you wish, it’s all a matter of taste. Just be aware that the taste of beets is rather strong and will overpower the other tastes. As an alternative, you can also try mixing beets with carrots, celery, ginger and lemon.

The green juice was a bit more experimental and included celery, cucumbers, apples, peppers (green), lime, leek and broccoli. Out of this bunch, celery proved to be the strongest, so be careful with adding too much of it. In the end, the additional apples balanced out the taste rather well.


Photo by Jan Martin Ahlers

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